What still sucks?

That’s right, road biking!

Besides the glimmer of broken glass,
the bloodthirsty coming home from work traffic,
the redneck morons screaming LANCE, LANCE!

There’s the smog, the right angles, and the monotony.

I’m glad I got that over with for the year.

9 Responses to What still sucks?

  1. Is it bravery or insanity which allows people to road bike? I have never figured that out. And it’s a sin that it’s so hard. It’s such an elegant way to get from one place to another.

  2. Come on, Juancho. It’s all relative. You just need to improve your skills to improve your comfort level. You want to be like Chuck Norris in that phone booth! Now if you try to tell me that Chuck’s moves are not elegant…..

  3. Oh, now it’s my skills is it? I’ll see YOU on the Live Oak Connector and then we’ll just see about skills mister!
    Yeah, and where the hell is W.B.? And Happy Thanksgiving.

    Skills, I gotcher skills.

  4. Chuck all the way! Seagull’s pony tail makes him look too much like a sniveling Laurent Fignon for me to have faith in him. Either way, Juancho’s going to miss the whole thing. He’ll be out on Live Oak looking for something called “gotcher skills”.