A Better Normal

All right, bear with me while I prepare to write the next sentence in a straight-forward, non-sarcastic manner in keeping with my new practices and beliefs…

I was explaining to my yoga instructor the other day that I just wanted my life to be normal again, like it was before the great calamity of June 2, 2010. She thought about that for a minute and then said, “Do you really think that’s possible?” I took that as a pretty negative comment for someone I’ve entrusted my shakras to, but I instantly saw the truth in the question. You can never recreate a circumstance that you have already experienced. You can buy the old house, paint it in the original colors, and put the weather vane out in the yard right where Grandma put it, but it still will not feel exactly like Grandma’s house.

I then asked myself, “What was so great about the old normal anyway?” It really wasn’t all that. You can go back and read the archives and track the frustrations of the angry monk.

“Why don’t you make a better normal?” asked the yoga teacher.

“Hmmmmm,” thought the monk, no longer angry.


6 Responses to A Better Normal

  1. Right on. So true.

    That great Zen roshi, Yogi Berra, was asked by a teammate what time it was. “You mean now?” replied Yogi.

    It’s always now, only now. I try hard to make the best of it.

    P.S. Big, big yoga fan here.