Spritzer Season

It is 84 degrees in the Capital City today and that means it is time to crush some citrus, uncork the Franzia, and pour yourself a spritzer.

When I am not out there crushing the miles I like to unwind with a delightful white wine spritzer. To follow up on yesterday’s excellent travelogue segment I must ask you: What food or beverages do you associate with time and place?

I can think of so many places I have been and how certain flavors and customs sanctify the moment of truly arriving “there.”

Turkish coffee when Tim comes to town from Bosnia.
Young red wine on ice in Barcelona.
Lemonade at Chik-Fil-A.
Sharing a Corona Light with Mom.
Una chupita con Bighorn.
A pint of Guiness anywhere,

-and spritzers all summer long.

Aaaahhhhh, refreshing!


10 Responses to Spritzer Season

  1. That first rum and coke with lime on a balcony, watching the sunset in Cozumel. And then the stroll down to Plaza Leza where I always get chilis relleno and one of the tiniest and most lethal margaritas on the island.
    Oh yes.

  2. McDonald’s chocolate shake when I’m alone in the car.
    Sangria with Walt at the Colombia.
    A surprise “new” glass of red wine with Juancho. 🙂
    Margaritas with Connie in the old days.
    And borrowing from Ms. Moon, lethal margaritas in the Hotel Cristina bar in Mexico City!

  3. cellar temperature beer on the patio in Chianti as the swallows loop around and the day sighs.

    hmmm, can I retract my “where in the world” answer?

    DTG, wish I was driving past today, next time.

  4. Pilsner and a shot of tequila at sunset in El Salvador.
    Iced tea with the sugar cane stir stick on the Kohala coast, Big Island.
    Breakfast of buttermilk waffles at the Hotel Grafton, Sunset Ave, Hollywood.
    Steak sandwich, with my cousin’s after a frightening free ride in Ligonier Pa.
    Tiger Shark sandwich, barefoot, sandy, salty, and noodle armed at sharky’s in Ft. Pierce Fl. after surfing with my brothers.
    The smell of coal, olive oil and morning bread in Ankara Turkey.
    Chi, bread with tomato and cheese in Zaragoza Spain.
    Yakisoba noodles and chicken in Tokyo.
    I don’t know if I answered this right, but I’m feeling it!

  5. My strongest place/taste associations aren’t all that romantic for me.

    Sipping vinegars (who knew) outside the Forbidden City, waiting for the rain to stop.

    A warm, skanky bitters, in a dirty glass, sitting in the middle of the Avesbury stones.

    A cold “Natty-Bo” on the Baltimore docks. (Spit out..throw can into bay.)

    Cutting up a durian, on a street corner in Cincinnati. The summer garbage smelled tastier.

  6. White wine and linguini in a shotgun shack with the woman who would eventually consent to a life long bond with yours truly.

    Gatorade and Little Debbies at the top of Hogpen.

    Guiness at the Warehouse.

    Plastic water from a warm jug at the point on Cape San Blas in July.

    And sipping ice cold water from a puddle on top of a sandstone boulder as the winter sun rose over cold desert rocks in The Needles, Utah. Closest I’ve ever come to god.