Extra white space and new fonts provided due to the lack of photograph or other visual images. It’s a designing homerun. Forgive me, I’m posting from 1963, or Marion County, FL.

OK– So the Tour de France doesn’t start until next, or this, Saturday.

July 2nd anyway.

I knew that. I just didn’t know what day it was.

At least I’m rarely late. I can’t believe nobody caught that. A mistake so blatantly posted to the internet is ideal chum for the sharks. I guess I can tell you people anything.

For example, I am actually Magnus Backstedt. Yes, it’s true.

I learned English and started this thing you call a blog in order to boost my reputation in the “over 30, delusional, southeastern United States, mountain biking fanatic demographic.”

My newly acquired sponsors, SHINGLES FRIED CHICKEN HOUSE, and KING’S BBQ recommended the P.R. blitz. Long-time sponsor JOE’s BIKE SHOP said what they always say, “What the fuck do you want now?” and “Where’s my fucking sandwich?” It’s good to have such longstanding support systems going into the 2005 Tour de France, which starts this coming Saturday.

Go Big Me!

The colossal Apostle, Magnus Backstedt.

5 Responses to TOUR RESCHEDULED!

  1. Since this is morphing into the “How I Spent My Summer Vacation” blog, I’ll weigh in. Spent three days last week in the “World” section of Florida. Taking a cue from Disney, everything here is its own planet — Marriott World, T-Shirt World, Falafel World, Condom World, you name it. Not much singletrack here, just a lot of bright lights, smiling faces (sometimes), and that eerie Disneyesque cleanliness. Mrs. H and I skipped the theme parks, and even gave the Pleasure Island clubs a miss after I saw what they were all about — ear-shattering noise. I now need to unload a few tickets. But we did what we came to do: I attended enough riveting lectures to get my professional ticket punched for another 3 years, luxuriated in the hot tubs at Marriott World, and followed the 6-year-olds on a few trips down the water slide and into the big pool. Wheeeee!

    Yesterday, I climbed back on the horse for a short ride at mushy soft Munson. Haven’t had much rain here lately, eh? Still, good to get back to the home track.

    Enjoying Sas’ vacation log. Hey Juancho, you never write, you never call. Is it over between us? Keep me in mind when planning local rides. My Dakar and I are getting lonely (but we’re also getting faster).

  2. I saw your mistake on the start date for the Tour, but being the gentleman I am, declined to point it out!

    Word for the day: Tact – check it out!


  3. A circus is no tea party, we have no time for tact here. Glad to have such a polite addition to the team though, maybe we can learn something from you. Now go buy a bike.

  4. HT- I’m still out of town in Ocala. Got my ass whipped by the locals last night at Santos. more on that later… I’ll be home Sunday or Monday? How did you get faster at Marriot World? Must have been the hot tubbin’.

  5. Well you got me there. Maybe I’m getting faster from light workouts and the Power of Positive Thinking. Nah, that never works.

    I envy you your sweet Santos ride. I drove by the trailhead on my way back from Orlando, to show Mrs. H. Alas, without bike on board, so no chance of saying “Let me ride for a few minutes while you go shopping, dear.”

    The new campground looked sparsely populated for a Saturday. I’m itching to haul the Scamp down there for a few nights, soon as my boss calls summer recess. I don’t care if it’s summer and the trailer has no AC. That’s why God made fans.