Team Type 1

Team Type 1 is the feel good hit of the summer. I haven’t mentioned them, but they have been on my mind as they advance their cause in the press and in bike racing around the world. I have followed the story of Phil Southerland and his steady takeover of the cycling world ever since Big Worm told me who he was. I would love for Big Worm to give us his perspective on mentoring this local Tallahassee guy in his early years, and supporting him through the Race Across America. Like the rest of us, Phil looks up to Big Worm, and not just because he’s tall. Phil doesn’t race anymore that I know of, but he is directing a team and an international effort to mobilize diabetics to compete and manage their disease through exercise. You don’t have to be a diabetic to get the idea.

In my recent adventures in wellness I have learned a lot about blood sugar and how it affects both the mind and body. While I am not a diabetic, I was doing a good job of impersonating one until last September. Remember all that worshiping of candy corn? Raw almonds are the new candy corn.

Every time I see a TT1 jersey in a race or on a podium it inspires me to take better care of this daily gift I carry around each day.

I’m saying it now, and I hope you are reading Mr. Tour de France chief, Team Type 1 needs to be on the road to Paris in 2012 or the BRC is boycotting the race.

With good control, anything is possible.


5 Responses to Team Type 1

  1. I tried to find his book here in town. No such luck. I know he’s no super hero, or political figure, but damn man, he’s local!!

    I spent a few hours on the phone, and traded a lot of emails with his author, John Hanc. I look forward to reading it, and laughing as I remember all those old stories.

    I’m damn proud of the boy. He has done so much more than I expected, and it just keeps growing. His enthusiasm and never say die attitude is infectious.