New Commute

After riding the 40 lb cruiser to work and back yesterday my legs are so pumped this morning I can’t get my Wranglers up over my quads. Pride alone drove me up and over the hills on MLK Jr. and Macomb. No way I was going to get off and push like a common I got a DUI so my license is revoked and I have to ride this bike to the day labor pick up spot. In fact, when I pass those dudes I stomp out a paralyzing acceleration so they will not be tempted to jump on my wheel. No free rides!


13 Responses to New Commute

  1. I thought you worked from home as well. This whole time I pictured you in dirty tighty-whiteys and a wife beater whilst you save the world from within the confines of your air conditioned rental. Now I hear you go someplace to work? It sounds almost respectable. I like the old image, repulsing as it may be.

  2. You are both correct, although why would I get dressed to work from home? I have facilitated many a web-based training session in a towel…wrapped around my head. Webcams kind of brought that to a halt. Now I dress from the waist up.

    Also, I have a new satellite office at 310 Blount St. Recessions are good for us in the poverty and hopelessness industries. Lots to do as things fall apart.