Clydesdale Hall of Fame

As a point of order here at the BigRingCircus it is time to update new inductees into the prestigious order of the Clydesdale Hall of Fame. Although in the cycling community this distinction refers to size (riders over 200 lbs) here at the BRC the honor is often bestowed upon those who accomplish BIG THINGS.

Past inductees include Dan Block, BigWorm, Fat Lad, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Billie Joe Armstrong, and many other luminaries. I welcome nominees from the general public, so let this be an invitation to do so. Without further ado, the 2009 inductees are:

Jill Homer, blog sister from back in the day, set a record riding the length of the Continental Divide. Sometimes she was sad. Sometimes she was ok. She never quit though. I wouldn’t have made it past the first Motel 6 or hamburgerdog at the 7-11. You can read about her trip and generally feel bad about your lazy ass at

Barney Frank. Speaks for itself. Barney Frank is a natural Clydesdale and he will kick your ass.

The Hardman, Mystery, Soup- Call him what you will. He grew a pair- and used them tomake a baby. Mae Elizabeth will have to earn her own way into the hall of fame, but this one’s for her Daddy whom we call Stevie.

Abdulrahman Zeitoun

Reading his story, as recorded by David Eggers, messed me up bad. A truly terrible thing could not have happened to a less deserving person. Read it. Make sure your kids read it. This is what goes on in the good old USA, Apple pies and zip ties.

I’m sure there are more, but it is time for the Realtor to explain to me again why I have to live in the ghetto/ rural methbelt. Please share your own nominations, while enjoying a tribute to a true King among Clydesdales and lifetime member of the BRC Clydesale Hall of Fame, in tribute of the recent anniversary of his passing.

The King.

Cliche or insulting comments concerning Elvis Presely will be deleted. Crack wise if you feel you must, but by God it better be original.


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