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  1. For me, it is Oak Mountain.

    I feel like the riding we have been doing lately has prepared us perfectly for this trail. Long endurance climbing, with alpine style, natural barriers along the way. Beatiful carving downhills, water-crossings, this trail offers the total package.

    From my experience, this trail is pure man vs. the mountain. We should leave on Thursday night, and return Sunday. Any week, any time, all summer. Bring it on.

  2. Sounds good. Been there and it was a bit too much for me and Li’l Hitops, but I’m a better biker on a better machine now (tho the Dakar is a little heavy for climbs). I’ll pack up the Conestoga one weekend this summer and we can beat a path up to B-Town. Course, I’ve never sampled Tsali, so I’m ready for that taste-test as well. Not sure my 16 miles at Munson Saturday prepped me for either, but the season is still young.

  3. On the road again…

    I’ve a hankering for some fast rolling black top with a few steep hills sprinkled in. If anyone wants to join me on a Havana Hills ride I’m your man. Let me know if you think your bumpy little 26″ tires can handle it. If you are not up to a road ride maybe we can catch lyme disease together out in the woods.

  4. Remind me to post about the newly fabled “Sweetwater Loop”.

    Blacktop, lots of direct sunlight, roadkill, broken glass, rednecks preparing to break more glass aiming for your head. Sounds totally awesome!

  5. Here’s what I’m ordering up:

    Saturday or Sunday morning, out while it’s still cool, riding from Indianhead. Head out St Augustine Rd at 8:00 A.M., shoot up to Village Inn for a good breakfast and a couple cups of Joe. Back on the bike and down the road by 9:00 A.M.. East to Williams, South to Tram via Kelly Rd as a connector, and East again to Wacissa Springs. Swim and snack at the springs, then scorch it back to Tallahassee where we jump straight into my 74 degree pool. 50+ miles of summer love.

    Tallyflasher on his road bike, and everybody else out on their newly tricked out, slick footed mountain bikes.

  6. Powder will explode in a puff of dust, too risky.

    I would skip the Village Inn though, and just get on it earlier.

  7. Powder’s not a problem. I’ll just sneak over there the night before and let the air out of his other tire. By that time he will have forgotten again that he has tubless tires, so by the time we get back from Wacissa he’ll be stark, raving mad from trying to get that thing off the rim. Picture Yosemite Sam, clench-fisted and hopping around the bike with steam coming out of his ears. He’ll be so locked onto that project he’ll never even know we were gone.

  8. Is there a higher carb but lower miles option? I don’t have Sas’ old ride fitted with slicks yet.
    No matter; I’m heading east this weekend to visit mom, and — with any luck — (a) crest the new Mayport bridge, (b) ride Hanna Park, and (c) get reacquainted with the Atlantic Ocean.

    BTW, good call by Juancho in bypassing Village Inn.