Gearing Down

We perfected the weekend. We dialed it in right down to washing the last dish and changing the sheets. Everyone is sober and prepared for the week ahead. It’s kind of a letdown to get to this point. If only life could be bike rides, karaoke, and flea markets all the time. Things are never that easy. If I could load up on that Glitter Chariot and ride to that eternal after party I would, but some of us are left here on Earth to work hard and suffer.

I enjoyed one of those crystallizing crashes of clarity while flying down the Cadillac trail. A yellow-jacket punched into my exposed midriff and before I could choose otherwise my right hand was clasping its buzzing fury as my left hand gently pushed the bars past plane and I ejected thinking, “this is how it happens, just like this.” I mean injury of course, and pain, and a suspension of the good times in exchange for character-building opportunities.

The hornet escaped, or was crushed in the dust like me. I laid very still and conducted the physical inventory. Mystery was two beats ahead of me and unaware, just racing to the water fountain like a hundred other rides. All body parts passed visual inspection, with a few minor bloody scrapes. Hand, hand, knee, knee, foot, foot and I was standing. I felt euphoric, giddy, and most of all lucky. Sometimes you crash and nothing bad happens.


6 Responses to Gearing Down

  1. I was out there on the east side Saturday as well. No character building experiences, unless chronic back pain counts. Those picnic tables at Piney-Z are good for stretching if you don’t mind leaving with a waffle brand.

  2. “Sometimes you crash and nothing bad happens.”


    …and sometimes you crash and bad things happen.

    Hmmmmmm……what to do???

    @#$k it! Go fast and take chances I say!!


    Because WE are doing the hard work and the suffering!!!



  3. Dude, you must have some good deeds in your account that you’re cashing in.

    I, on the other hand, did someone dirty without even knowing it. A month ago, I was tooling along in a farm field on the Vaya (sporting the fat tires) and BOOM! I went down hard enough to feel like I’d been doing 20 mph. A month of sleeping on the wrong side, and the wrong bed (kept waking up Mrs. V), and I’m just starting to be normal.

    Good on ya!!!