Eatin’ the Corn

Somebody get this shit away from me.

No wait, don’t touch it! Come any closer and I’ll claw your eyes out!

Another 500 miles in a rental, another lap of sweet Santos soil. I’m getting quite familiar with Bellview, Florida.

Some riders asked me if I was local and could I suggest which trails to ride. I didn’t even think twice. I said, “Sure, follow me.” Away we went on the best trails in the state, me and some dudes from Hernando.

Yeah, I kicked their asses.

What a town, a fine pueblo, and it is always 1979 in Bellview. A simpler, gentler time.

Now– dug in here in Ft. Lauderdale across the street from the dogtrack, down the block from the strip club, and next door to the Isle of Bile Casino the times are not simple, nor do they appear to be gentle.

I’ll try not to touch anything.


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