Rites of Passage

No matter where you live in this world, there are rites of passage for all of us. Fighting the bully at the bus stop, wrecking a car, becoming an eagle scout, hanging from hooks in your back, getting tattooed, puking at a concert, first kiss, first hoo ha! trying to eat 3 orders on All You Can Eat Pancake night at the Village Inn (totally not possible) it doesn’t matter-everyone has to step-up within their own cultural expectations. I was pretty lucky- no fraternity hazing, no desert visionquest- just periodic moments of truth that usually catch you off guard. you realize the significance of the ritual and you do it, there is rarely the luxury of choice. Jump off the bridge or be ridiculed for life? Where is the highest point please? It is all about having friends, dumb friends sometimes, but friends all the same. Hey! Pull my finger!

I am a grown-ass man now, and therefore I should be resting comfortably on my regal laurels as a member of the tribe whom has surpassed expecation. A survivor and a leader right?

So why do I have to ride the cold, cold 50 mile Tour de Felasco on January 13th? Huh? Can’t we just go bowling instead?

Chili Fries on me!


So what inane rituals are you still locked into in order to maintain your position in the pecking order?

5 Responses to Rites of Passage

  1. Hey, at least we’re all through the “Jack-Ass” & “Jack-Ass II” stage of courage proving. I’d never go swimming in one of the National Forest gator ponds around here with a rotten chicken carcass tied to my butt.

    Is this need, even compulsion, to “make brave” a male thing? I know lots of women like scary movies, but are they lining up to jump off high bridges, sky dive, or bungee jump as much as the guys? If another woman does something like that, and they’re watching, do they almost HAVE to take their turn to not feel the dull throb of cowardice burn in their throat?

  2. Are you kidding? The slightly more than 1/2 of the population isn’t that nuts! Doesn’t mean we won’t drive an old Land Rover to Guatemala during the war but that would only be because we need to get it there and all the males are too busy swimming in gator ponds with chicken carcasses tied to their butts to be available for the hard stuff. 😉

  3. Mr. Worm,
    What physcological disorders does one need to posess in order to be a member of your crew. Also, are there any that would exclude someone from your crew. Please respond in two parts.

  4. I hope you’re not talking about your weekend with me… taken the IV out yet??? I’ll jump off a bridge with you anyday – the escape always does me good.