The Grand Re-Opening

Despite tough economic times Joe’s Bike Shop survived the Lake Ella flood of 2008. Many of you deserve credit for helping in whatever way you could when the chips were down. This Saturday from 5-8 (but really much sooner and likely much later) we will be celebrating all of the things we have to celebrate this year, especially the new four-door, open-kitchen atmosphere of Joe’s Bike Shop and Bistro.

There will be food and good cheer, and maybe some Procol Harum on the jukebox. Bring the kids, or a bottle of hooch if you prefer. We don’t care, bring both! It wasn’t long ago that Joe and Pete were knee-deep in muck with those vicious Muscovey Ducks swimming through the shop.

Tell Everyone. Bring anyone. Joe would love to see you there.

-Joe & Pete

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