The Round Up

Until I can decide how I want this site to evolve (or die) I am going to take it back to the early days, starting with the Round Up.

I saw Trouble the Water on Friday at the All Saint’s Cinema. If you aren’t still upset about Hurricane Katrina, and actively trying to hold some people accountable, then this movie will get you back in touch with that angry, hollow, place I call conscience. Nagin, Blanco, Bush, Brownie- they all need the dogs sicced on ’em.

FOTL Weekend

Some kid at Tom Brown Park asked me if I knew where everyone was for the scavenger hunt race yesterday. Poor dumb bastard.

San Felasco

Let’s do it today. I’m ready. I’ll ride the damn course twice. Saturday I rode with my old friend S’quatch, who now considers himself a novelty rider as in,

“You will never guess who I rode bikes with yesterday!”

“Danny Bonnaduce? No. Tonya Harding? No. Dee Snider? No.”


“What! No way! I remember that guy!”

We rode out Old Bainbridge to Orchard Pond Road, Lake Jackson, Overstreet, and whatnot. Very San Felasco it was.

Yesterday it was East with friends, except Mystery, who also joined us. That guy fed me a bad oyster last week. It tasted like I swallowed a nickel. Then I shit my pants. Other than that, and his devious tactics, he’s a great guy. Lucky for me he doesn’t know about the internet so he won’t read this unless someone prints it out and gives it to him.

Yeah, I agree. I think this blog’s days are numbered.


21 Responses to The Round Up

  1. Ever read Shock Doctrine by Naomie Cline? You should. I can lend it to you. They didn’t fuck up the response to Katrina. They knew what they were doing. Forget the dogs, throw them in a pit filled with fire ants and bury them alive.

  2. FOTL- I felt like the dumb kid when I showed up for the informal ride Saturday morning at Munson. Not a single representative of FOTL. Sad, really.

    Throw this blog on the fire and write stories for publishing. Your word smithing is to talented to be free (except to friends and family).

  3. The BRC is one of my favorite blogs to read because of the writings of the author. That’d be a bummer if it ceased to exist.

  4. Back to your roots, I like it; so when do the kitty images come back?

    I’ve eaten Mystery’s oysters before, they’re worse than nickels-more like 9volts, but they pass.

  5. I made my song a coat
    Covered with embroideries
    Out of old mythologies
    From heel to throat;
    But the fools caught it,
    Wore it in the world’s eyes
    As though they’d wrought it.
    Song, let them take it,
    For there is more enterprise
    In walking naked.

  6. Killer verse from the Irish Bard

    Call me Poor Dumb Bastard II. I thought some folks would show for the FOTL group ride at Munson and Twilight. I saw some familiar faces, but they all headed out in twos and threes. Forest Service Man was there, but he was on trail duty so I headed out alone. Glorious. Any ruse that gets me onto the trail by 9 is OK.

    My solitude a shield
    With brotherhood gone;
    No sword did I wield
    To urge Juancho on.

    Yeats I aint.

  7. under the skull ‘n’ crossbones…

    just caught the Schadenfreude tune from Avenue Q. nevermind it being one of my favorite musicals. (yeah, i’ll admit it)

    but wtf is it on the brc?

    we all know the internet’s for porn…

    [new blog idea].

    big love to juancho.

  8. Yeah. $5 words and hate spreadin’. That’s why we read your blog. Let us know when you get published. We’ll be out riding.

  9. I’ve heard a lot of tittering about writing a book, and I think it’s a cool idea. Maybe you should throw some more water on and see if it grows.

    In the meantime, keep this vein alive. Think of it as the ride to the ride. Sometimes the ride with a few friends, to get to the main ride, is the best part of the ride anyway.

  10. Chris, after a long, long time of talking-up your blog, had finally convinced me to start reading your blog. You can’t shut it down now.
    On the other hand, WB says he will quit if you do, so maybe it wouldn’t be a total loss.
    Good luck with a book if you do write one, I have always wanted to do that.

  11. That Yeats quote is possibly the most astute comment ever penned by a commentuer, and I think I’ve read every single comment ever from day 1. Why Anonymous? Must be a hardcore cyclist who doesn’t want to be caught slinging poetry, even if it is from the top shelf and aimed at the bullseye in the heart of my dear friend.

    Burn the tent. Collect the insurance. Resurface when and where it’s right.

    Whatever artistic outlet you choose that gives meaning to your life is bound to bring meaning to mine. Thanks for this one.

  12. I’ve been ready to abandon Ajax Rock, so I know the feeling.

    Write or don’t write. Just find a way to keep in touch. They don’t make nephews like you anymore.