The Round Up

We have an overcast morning and the workload is light today, those are the conditions that produce pots of soup around here. I’m thinking black bean.

It is First Friday, which means I can enjoy one of the simplest pleasures in Tallahassee of wandering around Railroad Square bumping into old friends, checking out the latest robot and monkey visions of John Lytle Wilson, and exploring the embryonic creations of the BFA Warehouse. I bring along a couple of bona fide artists so my yum-vs.-yuk-o-meter is informed by insightful perspectives, but mostly I just think they are fun people who enjoy the art of conversation. And beer.

I am in the midst of a deeply gratifying musical exploration.

It all began at the Polyphonic Spree concert, then took a turn for the eccentric with an introduction to Daniel Johnston via the movie The Devil and Daniel Johnston, and has now settled in with my old brother in adventure, Herman Jolly, and his new album- Bunker Life. If there is one thing I understand, it is bunker life.

These three disaparate acts weave together for me. I wish I could give you a bunch of links, but this ain’t the Drudge Report so feel free to use this amazing website I found called “Google”. Really, it is amazing, you are going to be blown away.

Hambone is on board for a good, long Sunday ride. Anyone else? I’m not ruling out some miles today either, but Sunday is on, and Saturday is not, unless it is to watch the parade heading to the first FSU home game. (Don’t roll your eyes all of you “indie” types, you know you love them ‘Noles!)

What? Too “bloggy”?


11 Responses to The Round Up

  1. It’s now 2 months til the Spaghetti 100, so I was thinking about some roadwork this weekend. But since you offered, I’ll throw in for a long Sunday on the trail. Lots of breaks for the slowpokes and nontechnical riders, I hope.

    How about that Spree concert! Wish I had the chops to join their little musical commune. Up, up with people, I say.

  2. isn’t a little early for soup? Won’t cooking something like that turn your place into something worse than the Louisiana Bayou?

  3. iYou’re barely riding, so “bloggy” is all you’ve got, anyway. Your bloggy is pretty good, and you’ll probably never actually ride regularly again, so I’d just go with it if I were you.

    I’m up for long miles on Sunday. I’d prefer to start by 9:00, but I’m flexible. I hope Mystery the Untameable is in on this ride, unless of course he’ll be on some other secret ride with his fast friends.

  4. great post. The enjoyable paradox of this town is all there. You can drunken stumble through art or to the football game. You can have an awesome free concert under the ominous shadow of the football stadium or pay 20 bucks for a lame punk band at the arthouse.
    And you can thoroughly enjoy a bike blog even if you don’t ever ride.

  5. I think Mystery will still be out of town on vacation, won’t he?

    …and I know this is off-topic, but start keeping an eye out for a house for me in our hood Sasquatch. That’s right…Nomad’s coming back. (I just accepted a job back in Tally) Guess I need to change my name to “Nomad_no_more”.

  6. Hey Pokes,
    The tallahassee MTB race is NEXT weekend. hehehahahahaHAhAHAHAHHAHA
    Better trainup/drinkup, I’ve already registered you, Juancho. You’re Clydesdale weight ain’t ya?
    snicker snicker