If you own a mountain bike and did not ride east into the Fern, Tom Brown, Cadillac trail system than I am truly dismayed. Everyone else was there. Bike Church was there. When I saw them they weren’t even pedaling, leaving me to wonder if they are all as fast and super-human as everyone says they are. Maybe they are just normal guys in great shape? That would be a real disappointment to find out that the boogeymen aren’t real.

Bigworm and the W.B. were there with their bike posse. Ole’ W.B.Z.N. was attacking one of the fastest guys in town over and over on the way home. It made me tired just watching.

There was a crew I would have to call the Molecular Biology Recreation Club out there. They just had that science geek air to them. I’m pretty sure I saw the galloping Pakistanis loping through the woods as well, and they usually stick to the disc golf course.

Then there was the mystery girl with the braids and the dreamsicle orange Specialized Epic. Wow, there was a good deal of speculation concerning who she was and where she came from. Whoever she is, consider this her official fan website.

Hambone, S’quatch, Hitops, and myself rolled out together, but there were lots of trades going on among the crews out there so I came home with different Pokemon cards.

All of this activity means that despite the mid-nineties temperatures, Fall is in the air. Yesterday was Homecoming as far as I’m concerned. Cool weather is just 6 more weeks away, if we are lucky.


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  1. Fall is definitely in the air. I jumped in the pool yesterday right after our ride and the water was actually cooled from the night before. Hot days with cool water in the pool means fall is stumbling in like a drunk Yankee.

    It was good to ride a little with the Wrecking Ball yesterday. He’s given me a whole new perspective on yard maintenance.

  2. Everyone is bloggin’ about the weather. Funny how temps in the LOW nineties can feel so refreshing. That and the slightly lowered humidity.
    It’s the small things.