Pole Barn Therapy

BRC Staff Writer

Supplanting The Atkins Diet, Acupuncture, and “Group Cuddles” Pole Barn Therapy is the new heavyweight among the health and wellness elite. A stout mixture of cold beer, ping pong, and a “horn-ocopia” of ska music appears to be drastically improving the quality of life for all disciples of the controversial new therapy.

Enthusiasts have this to say…


and others went on to elaborate…

“Point -7, time to sit your ass down”.

“”Don’t forget to feed the donkeys”.

“Dr. Ramer- another mountain soda please.”

Though lacking in fact-based evidence, preliminary studies indicate that Pole Barn Therapy results in a lack of interest in social climbing, current events, and a total disregard for Casey Kasem and his top 4o hits.

(#1 hit in the land is currently Family Affair by Mary J. Blige).

One thing is certain, this soothing ointment to the itchy rash of modern life is here to stay.


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