Bad Apple

It is one of the great joys of my life to encourage and support friends with talent. For me, art is the pinnacle of humankind, unless it is service, so when those two aspirations come together I feel like we all have a chance of making it out of here with some grace and dignity intact. I learned a great phrase yesterday during what will be known forever as the Great Flame War of 2012.

“When I know better, I do better.”

Ed Hemingway knows better. I had the pleasure of knowing Ed during my magical Bozeman, MT years, when we were young and the future lay before us like the vast Montana plains.
Back then, Ed hosted the Poor Richard’s news stand where we bought cigarettes from a jar for a dime. Ed painted back then, and my cousin and I ended up with a couple giant canvases depicting headlines from the Weekly World News. Those, and our red pleather couch, made us feel like the Soho of Bomo.

Now Ed has created this little book. A modest story of friendship. In a week where the value of standing with friends means a little bit more, I hope you will consider buying a copy for your own little friends because it is better to be a bad apple with friends than a sad apple without.

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Congratulations Eddie!


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