Round Up

Let’s wrap this week up and put a bow on it all right?

For starters, Happy Birthday LOPO! (That’s my mom in case you didn’t know. She is awesome and we are great pals as well as being close relatives.)

Other highlights-

Why are those two American male swimmers such idiot frat boys, and the American female swimmers all well-adjusted and nice? “I have 20 Olympic medals, it is so awesome. Young Jeezy tweeted me.” That is called failing to podium in Olympic soundbites. Give me Kayla Harrison sobbing to the national anthem for my Olympic moment. Good thing NBC spared us that boring event in primetime. Of course we stayed up too late to watch that little sister Gabby Douglas do her thing. Ain’t she something? If she plays her cards right she might make something of herself one day.

Bushy and I had a blast riding single track through the steam last night at Tom Brown and the Cadillac trail. We went too fast to allow me time to whine about the trails, but I’m sure I will get another chance. In truth, they were awesome, really fast and grippy and only about 30 recreational walkers in the technical sections.

In full disclosure, I drove to the trail with a geared bike in the van. Bushy rode from his house on the single speed both ways. That’s bad news for the rest of us.

If I don’t get to see Beasts of the Southern Wild soon I am going to throw an all out hissy fit. The first dollar I spend at the Whole Foods Market that is replacing our independent theater will be depressing, but I’m sure my hypocrisy gland will kick in and I will forget all about the Miracle 5.

I have enjoyed deeply meaningful conversation with my wife about the importance of fairness and not being mean, so I would like to thank all of the fascist bigots out there for bringing us closer together this week. She is amazing and smart and I am a better person for having her counsel.

It’s First Friday at Railroad Square, so suffer the heat and go see some art.

I’m so sorry we can’t get to ATL tonight to see our friends opening at the Cube Gallery in Cabbagetown. If you are in the area, go see them here.

Art, friends, bikes, and equal rights, not necessarily in that order.

have a great weekend,


9 Responses to Round Up

  1. You’re a fine writer in any mode, but don’t give up entirely on the vitriol. We all need our Two Minutes Hate.

  2. I spent time there in the early 90’s too. It was surreal and very, very sketchy. I had friends with a studio in Little Beirut. They had a life-sized “UFO” in the backyard complete with controls, sealed cabin, the works. I was young and naive and in awe of just about everyone I met there. You know how gentrification works. First the artist pioneers, then the gay settlers, then the stampeding hordes of white liberals.

  3. Thanks for the birthday greetings, Juancho and Ms. Moon. And I for one am glad you saved the vitriol for a day that’s not my birthday. 🙂

  4. Yep, punks to gays to democrats. I lived right across from the Colgate factory. At one point some church group or something – a bunch of white late teens – came and planted saplings all down the street. That winter, they were all cut down for firewood.