Reality Blogging

Forgive me, I forgot my manners. At Sasquatch’s behest I would love to hear other remembrances from the Tour de Felasco. Crush your rivals? Feel good all day? Meet a new friend? See a jaguarundi (didn’t think so). Tell us about it. We would love to know how it all went down for you.

What’s that? You don’t live around here or you don’t ride bikes? That’s Okay, please share whatever epic trials you are undergoing, from surviving the Michigan winter to wondering where your peanut butter pretzels are, if you reach deep inside- then it’s epic.

So tell Juancho a story…

6 Responses to Reality Blogging

  1. talking of epics… we did the peaks last week and very fecking fine it was too…..

    What you mean you don’t have me bookmarked/rss-ed…

    I’m shocked and hurt…. nay… hurt and shocked!

    Link in my Blogger profile 🙂

  2. I experienced my first true ‘crack’ on a bicycle at Felasco. In my understanding a ‘bonk’ can be remedied by a short rest and some calories, but a crack means you’re done. I was 43 miles into the thing thinking I owned everyone behind me, and most of my crew was behind me. I was actually gleeful.

    Somewhere around mile 44 it occurred to me that I was going to faint and fall off my bike. Shortly after that, leg muscles I’d never known started arriving for the Felasco Cramp Festival. They were ready to party. By mile 47 everyone behind me had passed me mockingly (I saw the mock in their eyes), but I didn’t really care. Somewhere in there it stopped being about anything but finishing without fainting or seizing up like an epileptic. My story conveniently switched from Man vs. Man to Man vs. Himself (sexist apologies). I started puzzling through how to pedal without moving my legs, but then not pedaling had its own cramp agenda, so…. The last mile was ten miles long. How do they do that?!

    I loved it, though. I did so little training I was proud that for most of the ride I felt good enough to be delusional about where it all was heading. It was a great ride and a satisfying weekend with a great crew, including the bailer.

  3. If you liked the backwards handlebar riding stuff Juancho, check the links in this post.