Thanks to the Wrecking Ball for the off the cuff pep-talk, which in its entirety said, “I read your website right when I get to work and hearing you whine about not finishing San Felasco, the dumb grey sky, and whatever- that all sucks.”

And if The Wrecking Ball thinks it sucks, then it sucks, and it is all about satisfying the Marks here at the Big Ring Circus.

So, in the freak show category, I accomplished something today. After 5 days of languishing in respiro-illness I made it out on the bike today. With the exception of a miffed pastry chef and a couple other notable absentees, it was a beautiful morning and the pace was poppin’ (in my opinion anyway).

When we finally stopped, I took the opportunity to hack out some delicious gooey protein (it is protein-based isn’t it? Like a life form?)

I found myself in a rather extraordinary situation. The ropey filament splat onto the parking lot with the intention of signing a 30 year mortgage, and yet it was still renting a small flat in the lining of my left lung (How could it afford that!)

It was awkward really. If I made a move to tell someone, I risked breaking it. If I didn’t tell someone, the moment would go unwitnessed.

I decided to keep it close to my heart (literally)

And trust that my readers believe me (like the jaguarundi, any story that ends in me winning, the Green Flash, and my 4.5 ‘ vertical leap)

Chew your barbed wire carefully,


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  1. Eeeewwwwwwww! I understand creative license covers this sort of thing, but that’s just disgusting. Hope you managed to exorcise the quivering green demon on yesterday’s road ride.

  2. All things that come out of a guys body should be witnessed by at least one of his crew. Beleive me one day he will ask the same of you. I once was over heard a pal of mine (one porta potty over) say;
    ” Man that don’t look right!”
    It wasn’t wierd at all and before a race a good laugh is just the thing to get your mind off the pre-start jitters.
    All that aside…..we’re glad you are on the mend. Welcome back snotter!