Down to Santos today, pilgrims paying homage at the Live Oak temple.
The air is nippy, and utterly Spring-like this morning. My friend Tommy “the Torso” has never been to Santos, never experienced what 60 miles of flowing singletrack looks and feels like. My day will end in Cocoa Beach, which sounds a lot better than it is, believe me. Comfort Inns, Quiznos, and Ron Jon’s. The fact that I am making room for pedaling is a good sign. Maybe Squatch’s “off season” is finally over?

Maybe we can get the band back together?

I’ll be praying for it in the sanctuary today.


One Response to Haj

  1. Juancho, Sorry to hear the band has been on a hiatus. If Squatch still needs his beauty rest, you’re always welcome to join myself, the Wrecking Ball, and the rest of our dysfunctional crew.