the Return of the Comeback that Came once Before

So far this year it has been a struggle to keep my head above water on the bike scene, and once again that gives me the pleasure of reaching deep inside and pulling myself back from the brink of disaster. It only takes a few crumbs of motivation to keep the dream alive and an industrious scavenger can find a nip and a morsel anywhere if he pays attention.

25 miles on the mountain bike with Torso brought me to my gasping knees on Friday. I call this the confrontation with reality phase.

12 miles of stratosphere scraping hill climbs with S’quatch Saturday re-kindled the flame.

32 flat road miles yesterday chasing Tri-geeks and S’quatch towards the end of his 80 mile vision quest had me feeling like a man who knows his way around a bicycle again.

The Golf clubs are shelved. They served their purpose as a diversionary tactic to lure the rest of the gang off track. Now while they are golfing and chasing my score, I am back on the bike doing the good work that the Lord intends me to do.


Of course, this is another version of my “training for next season” approach, and as we all know next season never comes.

I’m scheduled for a month off in sunny Sandy Eggo to welcome the arrival of my new nephew, Clell Beauregard, in August and I am thinking of a tour up the PCH on the Fuji Del Rey at some point. If you have any cycling knowledge of the area, please chime in. I expect it is windy, hilly, and rooms are expensive. Other than that I just know it is epic and beautiful and will make me a better person.

Please note the post below and feel free to regard it as current also, the Tour frenzy got to me over the weekend.


2 Responses to the Return of the Comeback that Came once Before

  1. Tag team, bro. I let Sasquatch pull me through the first 50 miles of his 80-mile outing. The last 15 under the sun and into the wind on Tram Road did me in. After lunch in one of our county’s toniest bistros (the Southwood Subway), I put my rig in the Mrs. H-mobile for the airconditioned ride home while Robo-Beast pressed on with his ride.

  2. I had a squirrel (like the one in your posted picture) slam to the ground about 3 feet from my bike today on my morning commute. Made me jump. I was near the curb and he/she landed in some centipede just in from the curb. It scurried off but the closest branches were at least 50′ up so I’m thinking headache at least.

    Years ago, and just blocks away from this incident, I was rocking on my front porch on 640 E. Call Street and happened to look up, like 80′ up, just in time to see a squirrel jump to a branch and miss it. I watched it fall all the way down and hit hard dirt – THUD. That rodent did’nt move for a moment but managed to serpentine away when I approached.

    I’m thinking my near miss today was from a direct descendent.