The race is on. So, so on!

Just as I hoped the finish of today’s prologue to the Tour de France was good for a motivation bounce that had me dragging myself on the roadie bike and trundling after S’quatch in the midday heat. 12 miles of brutal hills. Nothing so spectacular- true, but were you up until 3:15 in the morning debating the influence of art back to the first scratchings of cave people? Hmmm?

That’s right, getting my culture on, as the saying goes.

Today’s ride was fueled by Eggs Atlantis so here is the recipe. I think it works out to a nominal 6000 calories, but it cannot be beat for nothin’.

One croissant-split and toasted topped with-

sauteed crabcake, topped with-

sliced and fanned fresh avocado, then…

2 eggs poached (add a dash of vinegar to the water to keep the egg from separating, I use balsamic, but white wine vinegar leaves no residue). Then douse with Hollandaise.

Hollandaise: Whisk two egg yolks with 1 tblsp of fresh squeezed lemon juice, a pinch of nutmeg (I use cayenne actually) then drizzle in 3 tblsp of melted butter while whisking briskly.

I actually used an English muffin this morning in honor of the London start.

Don’t be afraid, go ahead and make it, good food is good for you.

Get your votes in early, who’s going to win? Who’s going to scratch? Who’s on the juice? Who needs to be?


2 Responses to The race is on. So, so on!

  1. Casa Fat Lad tomorrow consists of Scrambled Eggs, Wholemeal English Muffins, Earl Grey (from the pot, not a bag) and the first stage of Le Tour. That is until Mrs Fat Lad gets back from her swim and commandeers the remote for the F1….

    Is this what I am to expect of married life do we think?

    Fat Lad