Something good is happening. I have slept through 4 of the last 180 nights, and that is a big deal. I thought those days were over and I was moving into the twilight of my years- soon to be doddering around in the night with a flashlight looking for dust motes to corral with my Swiffer. Maybe not. Exhaustion seems to be the key. Endless miles of interstate and coffee are a hell of a nightcap. Whatever the reason, I’ll take it. I feel like a $20 bill. This bike search is speculative and far-reaching, ranging all up and down the economic scale. First I lust over $4,000 machines, then I go Luddite and shop Craigslist for 1991 Bridgestone MB-4’s. Chances are I belong plumb in the middle of those options. I talked to a guy at a shop yesterday who preached the gospel to me about his carbon fiber hot rod. I hope he is as fast as he claims, because I have a $700 Redline that wants to find out. The forest ride is tonight, and I can already feel the gravitational pull of trees, the rising bile of lactic burn and seemingly endless flow. It does end though, mercifully, and it is always as good as a bike ride gets. Juancho

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  1. A bike is only as good as its rider.

    A local fellow you likely know has picked up a used Huffy the day before a triathlon and stood on the podium. And we’ve all seen $4k bikes underneath folks with the grace of a square Nerf ball.

    I can’t offer much more advice on your bike purchase, but I can refer you to the training montage in Rocky IV.

  2. I think it’s cooler to kick a guys ass when his bike costs more than yours. If you buy a high dollar rig, it’s sort of expeceted that you are fast. I like your idea of shooting for the middle.

  3. I also like the idea of a better quality rider over a better quality bike. I mean, after a certain amount of money, doesn’t it just get kind of showy?

    After saying that, I wouldn’t turn down a $4,000 bike if someone wanted to give one to me, but then I’d feel like I had to get new fancy shoes, new kit and start flipping people off, and being snooty.