Living in a Day-Quil haze today after spreading my tiny wings and flying away last night with the Glitter Chariot. To be honest I didn’t do much. I bought some orange paint for Chuck’s thighs. I fed the Key Grip’s dog. I bought three cases of beer. Still, it was exhausting. Melissa spent 14 hours on set. We slept like statues. Here is an interesting statistic I just made up:

5% of the population does not produce art due to a lack of interest or talent.

The other 95% do not product art because it is too much hard work. This includes writing, painting, quilting, music, and macrame.

Still, I am building up chi, or prana, or chutzpa if you prefer, to write something of merit- if only a few words. You can’t force it, you can only sit on your word eggs and wait.

Meanwhile, this bicycle seeking adventure continues. In my heart I have narrowed it down the this humble Santa Cruz Aluminum Highball, which is a fine ride for the money.

The problem is that rumors and whispers of other options keep drifting to my attention. The latest is an unlikely lead on an Ellsworth Evolve, which if you don’t know what that is, then you must not be here for the bikes.

If anyone out there is slower to make a decision and commit to a purchase than I am, let me know. I feel pretty alone out here in wishy washy land. I like to finesse my way into a purchase like easing into a scalding hot bath.


5 Responses to Fuzzy

  1. Art is so elusive to me; I watched those glitter folks and just focused on the extension cords which should have been 12 gauge. I also focused on the jeans shorts Bert had on; they had rhinestones on the butt-that would scratch up good wooden chairs. I also focused on the brace for the video cam, a gyro would allow it to be stable and still carried by a girl walking backward perhaps.

    I never focused on the art. I missed it I think. That bike looks like art, this year that is.

  2. I agree. I might even prefer to not know all of the behind the scenes stuff. Just show me the finished product and let me believe it is all magic.