I know this kind of talk is dangerous, but I just have to say it, I can’t be cracked.

I’m totally bonk-proof. The summer program (no alcohol, tobacco, or firearms) has not made me lightning fast in 90 days or less, but I’m telling you- my well is deep.

Saturday was a 30+ mile day(mostly trails with commutes in between) in temperatures lurking a few degrees below 100 and while I cursed the heat, it never beat me down.

This is progress.

I cursed at no one, although I made a few jokes about public mayhem; but that’s just humor, and a sign of a well-balanced personality. Those were idle threats believe me, they are all in good fun. I will channel that rage into political activism and riding, or just let it leak out little by little as sarcasm and satire.

Sunday morning Bushy and I were out at Munson, sweet-sweet Munson, most lovely of all forest trails, for a little bit of Earth Surfing. After 3 inches of rain, the trail was fast like the greens of Augusta (You know, the golf course?)

We spun an easy 45 minute lap. It felt like the bike and I were hovering as the world spun beneath us. So, so sweet.

Tomorrow I’m off to San Diego, Ensenada and other far away West Coast places. I will be kicking it with libbyllama and the Neville brothers out there (just one night with the Nevilles).

Why don’t you people get organized and work up a roster to make sure Iggy gets fed while I’m gone?

I’m serious, not even dynamite can crack me.


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