Evidence & Speculation

A series of unidentified flying objects was spotted in the San Diego county area last night by a number of witnesses. The exact number of witnesses remains unknown to the writer at this hour, hence the use of the descriptor “a number.”

Cynical chiding ministrated by the Press and various Public officials evoked a twinge of sympathy for the number of witnesses, whether it be ten or 100. To personally view a rare thing and be ridiculed and doubted by the stoogie masses is unpleasant at best. Perhaps one happens to see an adolescent Black Panther at rest in a familiar urban trail- a breathtaking episode in one’s personal history to be sure- only to be bargained down to accepting the tacit belief that a lesser creature; a much lesser creature- a jaguarundi in fact, may have been the creature in question? This is a sadness and an outrage.

To know that what passes for authority in such matters are those scientists who study the known world is perhaps most disappointing, for how can they be expected to pontificate regarding the unknown, which by their own admission lies well without their sphere of influence and understanding?

This is like Cinderella judging the beauty contest having only worn one gown.

I hereby renounce any implied or specific agreement that the creature in question was any other than a panther, fur black. I call on Hambone to support me in this cause.


12 Responses to Evidence & Speculation

  1. On a bizarre road trip (to hook up with a sophisticated F.S.U. woman in Tally) somewhere between Orlando and Wildwood, a huge craft was hanging out over the Turnpike. It was all darkness and groves in those days. It was huge, triangular and silent , about two hundred feet off the deck. I never told anyone about it and if a friend hadn’t been there I’d have blown it off as fatigue.
    Ten years later (givertake)a fortune teller said (at the end of our sesion, as I was paying):
    “Oh yeah that thing you saw WAS a UFO.”
    Coinkydink? I can tell you first hand, I was in Timmothy Learyville for the rest of the week.
    The stuff we see that we can’t prove, is just for us. Everyone else can smoke rope. I gotcher back on da cat.

  2. juancho, i also have your back on this one. i know that what i saw on the computer tutor trail that day was no common house cat or some mythical jaguarundi creature. small it may have been, but all animals start off small, right? so i conclude we saw a juvenile florida panther. and had i known the animal we saw was so rare, i definetly would have stopped and gathered some data, like the scientist i am. ham
    p.s. lets ride bikes! i snuck out for a quick afternoon jaunt out east, and realized i have not ridden since the fifty. and that i am out of shape. i met this old dude from out of town, he wanted to follow me, so i tried to lead out with a good pace, you know trying to shake the old guy. was not happening, he rode me into the ground. then just rode on like he had ridden the trail a hundred times. it kind of hurt my feelings(ego) a bit.

  3. Back to the black panther? I thought acting like it might have actually been a jaguarandi was being open and kind.

    We’ve got a black panther stalking the green space behind our house. He especially loves to stalk old Mrs. Wilson, who lives three doors down. He shows up at dusk!! She calls him Mr. Kitty.

  4. That famous book by Bulgakov? Sting’s brush with the young girls had nothing on your black cat sighting!

    Don’t ride so close to me..