We Miss you too Big Worm-

Returning Home

We all chase the new adventure in an effort to escape the “stuck at home”, “same old’, same old” doldrums. That’s part of why I got sucked into mountain bikes.
You see so much that you would never see otherwise. Bicycles have changed my life course completely. I’m totally and unregretfully immersed in this culture. The people I run with, and the places I go, all somehow eventually tie in to my cycling habits. Even my career, if you could call me a career kind of guy, spent 10 years on the bike shop track. Every vacation with my wife means a quick search to determine where I can ride while we’re away. Should I bring my road bike or fat tires? Maybe both!

I’m constantly planning the next road trip. But right now, the trip I’m on, much like the trip our gracious host here at the BRC just endured, has me solely dreaming of being home. I can’t wait to return to the warm welcome of my familiar crew, the comfort of my own home, and the twists and turns of trails so memorized that they allow complete clearing of the mind, much like what ‘Squatch just explained.

I’ve logged so many hours on these trails that I could probably ride half of them with my eyes closed. Some would consider this boring, routine, or even a rut, but right now, I look forward to every mindless pedal stroke. Every familiar turn, drop, hop, and duck, leads me a little further from where I am right now.

Every revolution takes me along the trail that will leave behind loss and pain. Every turn of the crank brings me closer to home.


One Response to We Miss you too Big Worm-

  1. I was walking my dogs Saturday on this piece of property I call the “English Property” because at least part of it is owned by the English family. This property is bordered by Blairstone, Tram, Capital Circle, and Paul Russell, so it’s pretty much in town, and yet it’s enough acreage of woods I can walk and walk and I never see another human. So Saturday, we’re ambling along and a huge crashing sound to our left spills a four point buck into the road right in front of us. He looks up, surprised to see us, and takes off. My dogs were like, “Oh, hell no!” and off they go after him. Tallahassee is a great place to come home to.