Do you remember the time Mystery and I…

And that ole S’quatch, he sure is crazy!

And those trails, boy, they sure are something aren’t they?

It is that bad. I have nothing nice to say, so I kind of need your help.

What topics would you like to see get the BigRingCircus treatment?

If we use your idea, you will receive an orignial hand-drawn piece of BRC artwork, sure to be a collector’s item.

Now out with the brilliance!


19 Responses to CONTESTAGANZA!

  1. I would like to see more on “the offroads of life” if you don’t mind! Not everyone lurking at BRC has either a road bike or a trail bike. Some of us have FEET!! So more about the “BIG RING CIRCUS OF LIFE”!!!! 🙂 Those are the ones this lurker enjoys the most!! 🙂

  2. Not me. I’m not waiting. If you’ve got nothing to say, I’m leavin’ and not comin’ back.
    I want to see, “Ode to Iggy” 😀

  3. Come to blighty! the weather is in the process of turning the trails from loose and dusty to grotty and muddy. BRC from a whole different continent…. it could be like the Simple Life only with triple chainsets and fat old riders…..

  4. I didn’t realize that there was “original BRC artwork”. I am glad you are looking for new topics because the road vs. offroad bike thing was getting a little stale. With you now in the saddle of a road bike it is possibly moot as well. In any case, some of your best posts (and most commented upon) have started with some sort of inquiry (much like this post). Just throw something out there and let the community hash it out. It doesn’t have to be controversal but sides must be taken. BRC policy of avoiding politics and religion should still stand. No hurt feelings right? Anyway, that’s the Doctor’s two cents worth.

  5. Some ideas:

    1. The idea of organizing mountain bikers — is it or is it not akin to herding cats?

    2. The feeling one gets when driving a car and passing cyclists. Some get mad; some get empathetic; some get envious.

    3. Wet weather riding. Dangerous, exhilarating, miserable? All of the above?

    4. Merchandising possibilities for anti-branding iconoclasts.

  6. well, well…all of these cute and funny suggestions on bigring. Well companeros…if you haven’t noticed, there is a bloody revolution going on – just about everywhere. So if bikes are your thing, fair enough. But where’s your revolution.

    What are YOU all doing to get more people on bikes – because we all know the endless benefits to both mind, body and environment of riding bikes. So instead of f**king around and debating fat tires over skinny ones and posting bloody kitty cats instead of coffins…i want to hear about the bike revolution people. hasta la bicicleta siempre

  7. Seems like a good idea, for us readers to throw in some ideas and you run with them. Like the all request lunch hour. But I dunno…I mean, that’s why you get paid the big bucks right? To create witty, relevant, irreverent, contextual, inoffensive, current, silly, thought provoking, ample but not rambling prose, right? You do get paid for all this right?

  8. Fatlad, just like it’s only kinky the first time, it’s only stalking if they know.

    Does anyone know where Juancho is right now? This very second?