There will always be an “Outdoors”. The polar ice-caps may melt. The ozone might deplete. Temperatures may rise, or drop. Who knows? One thing is for sure, there will always be an “outdoors”. Humankind is capable of a lot of things, but not even we can make an entire planet “indoors”. Even if the outside is inhospitable and dangerous, especially if the outside is inhospitable and dangerous, a certain personality type, with enough free time, will yearn to engage that world. The gear will change. The sports will change, but people will go there.

When I am outdoors, that’s how I think of it- out of the doors. It isn’t the environment, an ecological system, or a biosphere- I’m just outdoors, doing my outdoors thing. It keeps it all very clear and simple for me.

Go ahead, cover it with garbage. I’ll go garbageering.

As long as there are no walls or roofs, we can gear up and have an adventure.

It’s about the wandering really. I mean no slight to beauty, or nature. I have many friends who work to catalogue species, advocate for sustainable development, and in some cases take extreme action to defend Tierra Madre (Che!) but for me, it will always be simple.

I want to go play outside.


5 Responses to Outdoors

  1. che, where have you been? What happened to your blog? what happened to my email? why are you so dirty?

    Juancho, I expected to see some props for the epic damp dirty ride we did last night, or are you just trying to forget about it!

    che it is me your buddy bushy!!! where is the love?

  2. listen bushy…i did write you, in top secret socialist code – i guess you just didn’t get it. my blog is sarajevocalling.blogspot.com

    the love, as juancho knows so well, is in my pants. Come getya some. hasta la love siempre. che