Vidalia onion, garlic, and a fat red bell pepper were diced and sizzling in a dab of olive oil and a pat of butter when I realized what I was doing. The lentils were simmering at a nice tempo in chicken stock, red curry, and a can of diced stewed tomatoes. Wafers of sweet potato occasionally billowed to the top of the pot. A handful of chopped parsley, some plain yogurt (or yoghurt?) and a loaf of ciabatta (It’s the new black!) sat close to hand.

Even though it was 80 degrees still at 8:00 P:M, my body knew it was soup season.

It was a long summer. Hell, it’s still a long summer.

Aside from soup season, what other instincts propel us forward? Maybe soup is not your thing?

These lentils put me on notice. There is still work to be done before winter comes.

Good thing I have lots of recipes.


8 Responses to Instinct

  1. mmm soup, dammit I haven’t even had breakfast yet……

    Unfortunately for us, summer has definitely had it’s innings this year

    Fat Lad

  2. These last two posts have been sort of like a view from home…. Do I get the orginional BRC artwork? I want it! Give it to me!

  3. I thought religion was verboten here at the circus? Che has upset my Catholic sensibility (the merits of his “argument” not withstanding). Also, like Mr. Ample, I was wondering who won the original BRC artwork. Don’t leave us hangin! You can’t have a contest and then just not mention who wins.

  4. that’s the type of american free speech that we all love and respect so much. verboten it is – i abstain. btw – che is a catholic too as are most socialists from south america

  5. I’m not sure if the first amendment applies within the confines of the circus. We need a constitutional law scholar with expertise in virtual communities. Perhaps some shylock from The Sims is willing to do some pro bono work.

  6. As Ringmaster of the BigRingCircus I do not post in direct reference to religion and politics, preferring to converse in the language of allusion and metaphor. I suggest we take the debate “outside” to for a proper airing of the issue.

    The winner of the original BRC artwork (which does not yet exist, but most certainly will be created) has not been announced due to there being no official closing of the polls.

    The polls are now officially closed and I will review all entries and announce a winner tomorrow morning, maybe.

    my mom is the early front-runner though with the request for a treatise on the concept of “home”.

    My home of course, is in the saddle.

    And Ample is a Mrs. and a strong contender for the contest as well.


  7. you yankees have so many rules. the most ‘free’ country in the world is also the most regulated and litigious. i shall take a bike ride somewhere else…so my instincts tell me.