Neck Beard

I know one thing that is getting crossed off the list of new activities. Growing a neck beard. I now understand why the jihadists are so intent on killing themselves. Neck beards make you insane. I made it 12 days. This is by far the longest stretch I have ever gone without shaving my neck. I really wanted to grow in a thick under-chin pelt, but no way. Forget it.

If we shaved the necks of those guys in Guantanamo Bay they would be apologizing and saying, ” I don’t know what came over me. I was just so irritated. Hey, let’s go get a frappucino and make amends?”

I’m going to need a new reason to live now.


7 Responses to Neck Beard

  1. Can you shave a neck beard one handed? Or do you use your one good wing to pull out your wallet and pay the nice barber? Ya know, I bet ‘Squatch would come shave that beard!

  2. Just because W.B. is always begging to give you a shave, doesn’t mean most men are hankering for razor time with their bros.

    Besides, if you haven’t figured it out by now, Juancho’s faking this whole thing. Look for a miraculous recovery as soon as the weather cools.

  3. I hope I am faking and I have fooled myself. How does WB handle his neck beard? His face always looks like he just got out of jail. I had no trouble shaving mine with one hand. What guy doesn’t have a reasonable sharp Case pocket knife?