“It is going to take a year for this thing to fully heal.” says the doctor. Great. There will plenty of time to let that sink in later. What does fully heal mean? I don’t need it fully healed, I just need it strong enough to prop me up on a handlebar.

Four more weeks in the brace, then physical therapy. It will be nice to have some goals like, ” I picked the orange up more times than Judy!” Oh, be assured. Judy is going down. I will pick that orange up six ways from Sunday.

So, other than finish the novel, which is only 32 handwritten and disjointed pages, what do I turn to for meaning in my life? Without my repuation as a mediocre cyclist who am I?

Suggestions? I suspect this activity will be both funny and sad.


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  1. That Fat Lad. He’s such a Funny Lad. Haha, Fat Lad!
    I have no idea what can give your life meaning. None.
    Maybe you should come over and help me make some pickles. That probably wouldn’t help, would it?

  2. Between the Lad’s comment and the pickle suggestion I don’t like where this is going. Especially because Magnum hasn’t weighed in yet. I was thinking more of “adopt an imaginary dog.”

  3. Reach up and lower the thermostat before we all melt away to nothing.
    Seriously though, I have looked down the barrel of that sentence you were handed. You will be back before you know it and the trails will seem like heaven made of dirt and clay.
    Let me know if you need the trainer. You can sit up and spin with no hands.

  4. Ask Cam. She’s famous here for a 30+ mph trip over the handlebars when a toddler ran out in front of her in a time trial. Bike in two pieces, tt helmet in two pieces, one long road rash from cheek to knee and some dislocations pretty sure. Then right after she got better, she took her bike out and slipped on some sand behind her garage and broke her wrist. I’m sure she’s got a long list of “what to do when I can’t ride.” 🙂