Get a Witness

There will be a great meteor shower tonight starting around 1:00 A:M so grab a blanket and head to the woods. Participating in things like that are a sure sign that you are comfortable and self-actualized, or strive to be.

The opposite of going to the woods to watch a meteor shower? I don’t know- maybe curling up around a bottle of wine on your bathroom floor?

It’s a toss up really, either event could be good or bad.

Not sure which way I’m going to go.


11 Responses to Get a Witness

  1. I forgot about this big event tonight. Thanks for the reminder, although it’s cloudy here so I doubt I’d see anything anyway. Hrumph. I might go for the bottle of wine instead.

  2. I’ll be watching the starshowers in my dreams if my dreams involve starshowers. Fast, fast asleep by one a.m. I hope.
    Have fun, whatever you do.

  3. I was out pooping the pooch at 1:30 when a screamer passed right overhead. At least in my dreams.

    Sasquatch, the 20/20 refers to visual acumen. Back when I drank the stuff, I had near perfect vision. I haven’t partaken in decades, and now can’t see shit.