Solstice Poultice

We gather at the solstice because, like the ancient peoples, we are unnerved and unconvinced that the sun will return.

We gather on the shortest day of the year to beg it not to forsake us.

This year, we gather at S’quatch’s house. I can’t think of better stewards to the druidic rituals than the gentle giant of the forest and his brood. After all, they were married in a forest, he clad in buckskin skivvies and she naked I believe, with maybe some flowers coyly placed. Their children were born under the glow of bonfires and an anxious tribe.

Also, with their long legs they stand effortlessly across cultures, unaware of the inconsistencies that do not allow this to be mixed with that. Sun? Son? What’s in a name say the Yeti? The important thing is that something gets worshipped or revered and that it is groovy.

It is also a time to honor fertility and bounty. No doubt, honoring our host, we will wish for fertile soil in which to sow yarns of conquests unattempted, perceptions bent through his secret prism, and an abundance of mayhem, chaos, and deals gone awry. It is his way. He can walk no other path.

Whatever we do, it couldn’t come at a better time. Road trips and grey skies have sapped me.

I’m always in need of some strong medicine this time of year.

I think I’ll find it in the oyster stew. (Which also puts lead in your pencil.)

Have a meaningful this or that,


3 Responses to Solstice Poultice

  1. I must first complete the ritual sacrifices with Mrs. H., but will attend thereafter. Watch out for the empty pool, drained by a tree that fell from the forest behind the Sasquatch lair and punched into the liner. Cause is unknown, but I suspect too many turns on the rope swing by the beast himself. Treebeard the Ent would be pissed, but we’ll all enjoy the oak-fed fire.

  2. A clever and generous tribute to Saquatchian sensibility. A fine, freezing, Mad Max affair the Solstice gathering will be, with the fires and the meats and the music and the lesbians.

    Oh wait, that last part might not suit your goal of a toasty bed on the longest night of the year. But then, there’s no telling with the likes of Juancheo, with the fireside swagger and the skill with a fanciful tale. Juliet may climb down into the pool for a closer look.