Happy Birthday to Me

Tomorrow is my 37th birthday and the trouble with being the blogger is you have to do your own blogging, even for your own birthday. I am lucky in the cake department though, seeing how Mystery the Untameable Stallion and Hambone build the finest pastries in town, I might get a pretty nice cake. Or they might give me something like this.

Or this-

Or most likely, just something like this-

Who am I to complain? If I get a cake at all I will consider myself lucky. 37, after all, is not such a significant age, other than that it is an “old” age. the other night on 10th Ave some new neighbors were having a party at a very late hour of the evening. Taco and I went down to investigate, rather than call the cops outright. We chatted with the new neighbors, who were friendly enough, when a drunk young lady interrupts,

“So, do you guys just like, like partying with college kids”?

Sneering at her sloshing cup of keg beer, I raised my Stella Artois, took a sip and informed the poor child, “No, most assuredly we do not”.

Then I called the cops.


11 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Tell those guys that your cake must have fluffy white cooked icing, and have 37 candles! 🙂 I’ll pay for it! 🙂

  2. Happy B-day, Juancho! I did not realize we were so close in our race to the graves! My 37th was last saturday. My wife purchased many heart clogging goodies from Mystery’s establishment. After eating about half of what she bought, I woke up a day later from my sugar coma and considered beating her for poisoning me! After much thought, I decided it would be easier just to eat another cookie(or biscuit for FatLad). I hope your birthday is at least half as fun, and maybe even part of it will be on two wheels!

  3. Happy Birthday Big Ring Dude!

    But something does not add up. I notice from last years b-day post comments that you were 23. that’s two dog years in 12 moons…

  4. I feel like such a shmuck – how many years must pass until I remember your birthday! Wishing you a day of sunshine and happiness – no really how about good friends, food, wine, and smoke – and maybe a naptime showing of The Dude. I promise to bring you a nice belated b-day present, hopefully two weeks from this moment I’ll be looking right at you. Many blessings, my friend, I love that you will always be older than me 🙂 May 37 be good to ya… Love, your girl from the south, T

  5. No BRC entry just because it’s your birthday, Juancho? Your outrageous uncle Don thought he got to sleep in on his birthday when he was in the army. Did he ever get a surprise. Heh heh.

  6. oh btw, we call Stella wife-beater here in blighty…. maybe bit isn’t quite as strong a lager in the land of liberty