Some things matter some don’t

I live in a neighborhood where you can say to your charming guest, “Would you like to go see some foxes?” and you walk two blocks and there they sit, foxes. The kits didn’t come out to watch us, but they parents were right out in the street keeping an eye on us. The young ones are adolescents now so they were most likely somewhere brooding and updating their foxbook pages.

Foxes matter.

I rode Munson yesterday with S’quatch and he crashed violently on the new surface, shredding his knee like grated cheese and contusing his hand badly.

Matters to S’quatch, and maybe to Mingo.

After millions of dollars and euros, and the suicide of his father-in-law and friend, Floyd Landis admits he was a doping fiend after all when he won the tour de france. He did it all-dope dope dope. He lied like Marion Jones. He lied like Colin Powell. He said they all did it. Lance, George, Dave Z, everybody. I believe his lying ass too.

Pro cycling doesn’t matter. At least no more than professional wrestling.

Every time I see or hear that Laura Ling person, who was captured wandering around in North Korea, I feel the overwhelming urge to wash my hands. I can’t put my finger on it, but I am reasonably certain I would not like her very much.

She probably doesn’t matter.

Tommy had a birthday and we are going to watch the Wrecking Ball shred the skins tomorrow in celebration.

Hello! Matters big time!

The oil finally coalesced in the Louisiana marshes.

Almost the only thing that matters right now. Makes me want to cry, throw up, and reach for my shotgun. Saddle up the posse. Time to ride for justice.

I slept the contented sleep of the humble and grateful last night and that certainly matters to me.

What matters to you?


7 Responses to Some things matter some don’t

  1. I want to make a glib comment but I can’t. I feel like I live in a house of cards built in front of a wind tunnel.
    I am glad I have freinds and family. I am glad to be in the “M” instead of the “DM”. Stoked you are coming Friday. Your futre x-wife (and someone elses current x-wife) will be there in case you need to dance.

  2. YOU matter to me, and goats matter. And foxes. And dogs and kitties. You’re in good company, you’ll notice. Oh, and it matters that my friends without work find the jobs of their dreams. And little people matter. Some big people do and some don’t.
    Sleep definitely matters to me. Bigtime. And finding alternate energy sources and using them is a very big biggie. And a lot more matters, but this is your blog, not mine.

  3. Whatcha doin’ tonight? I got faith in our generation
    Let’s stick together and futurize our attitudes
    I ain’t lookin’ to fight, but I know with determination
    We can challenge the schemers who cheat all the rules…

    And we’ll be Rockin’…

  4. it matters that i’m late to this post. probably one of the best i’ve seen, ever. the oil is gushing and that certainly matters. what really matters is what we do now. what does not matter, is the fate of these behemoth multi-nationals who are destroying the world and our economy from wall street to big oil.

    who has done more damage in recent history? that’s what matters.

    sorry for climbing up onto the soapbox.

    thanks for the post.