A Few Things

Those decals people put on their cars that say, In Memoriam confuse me. From my understanding that is a prepositional phrase and an unfinished thought. Does it mean, I drive this car in memory of? If so, what is the significance of driving a car in someone’s honor, unless driving was somehow significant to the relationship in the first place? With Dale Earnhardt it kind of makes sense, but only if you drive fast and put people into the wall in tribute to the intimidator.

When I am gone please do not drive a car in my honor. I would appreciate it if you would memorialize something relevant to our relationship, whatever it may be. Thanks, that has been bothering me and it is good to get it off my chest.

I am disappointed in the future that we are living in at the moment. We are not all wearing jumpsuits and nobody has a machine that can instantly create a hot fudge sundae or a nice piece of baked Halibut depending on your preference. We are not a wiser, more peaceful people. We are actually more ignorant, and quite a bit more ignorant depending on who you run into on a given Saturday afternoon. Especially here in America are we ignorant. We continue to turn inward against each other like cannibals- crazed with defiant scorn over nit picky things like sex, religion, and money that don’t even matter in the bigger picture of whether or not you get more good days than bad. This is a good time to be an enemy of America. “Look” they say. “They are fighting amongst themselves.”

When Kobe and Shaq started squabbling on the court you knew the dynasty was over.

That was a reference to professional basketball, specifically the relationship between two star players about ten years ago I think, for those who might be wondering.

All right. That’s enough.


7 Responses to A Few Things

  1. You’re right DTG, we have got that going for us. And Ms. Moon- I think this piece is upbeat and cheery in a “f*ck it” kind of way.

    (You know I don’t tolerate that kind fo language at the brc.)

  2. Yeah, Juancho, i had a lot higher hopes for the future we’re living in, too. Not wearing those cool futuristic jumpsuits is a BIG mistake. We’re just replaying clothes as well as issues from the 1950’s. After all, how different is terrorism and airport security from the Cold War and bomb shelters? Not very.