See it Coming

Everything I touch turns to shit lately. If only I could get close to GOP Headquarters, although from the looks of them lately you would think I was giving Johnny Mac private lessons in getting it wrong.

A day late for all the Friday night fun, a broken down truck, a broken down bike, a broken down other bike, and in two days I leave again, neglecting this broken down Tallahassee life to its own devices.

Rocktober is going to be a difficult time to schedule those mega-mile weeks. That means a fast pivot to focusing on exotic locales, speed, and more risk.

I will be lucky to ride twice this week, but those rides are going to be Santos and Alafia soooooo, I guess I should stop feeling sorry for myself.

Last time I checked I was a white man in America with a Titus Racer X and a job.

I followed the Fat Lad adventures from Louisville, KY and I have to tell y’all; I’m going to need a week to write up all the new inductees to the Clydesdale Hall of Fame. Aside from our great trails, which speak for themselves, you all represented our town at its best and still rode the Lad into the ground with smiles on your faces. Despite the vitriol most often found here, I am humbled.

Thanks for making the world a little smaller for all of us,


6 Responses to See it Coming

  1. And I am bothering you about a t shirt. Geez, man, I feel bad now. I hope that frown turns upside down. I will leave you be for the week.

    Ted’s penpal