The turpentine and barbed wire buffet was open all weekend as Juancho rode and rode. When he wasn’t riding he was busy writing in the third person and contemplating the use of onomotopeia- like when he whooshed through the trees making motorcycle sounds like baaaaawwwww! and waaaaaaaaa!

It just goes to show that if you leave a critter to its own notions it will always do the thing that the critter was intentionally meant to do. Only when you send critters off to school do they get ideas about putting on pants and saying things like, ” I think if we can concentrate our human assets around this issue we can better focus on the implications of a long-term policy migration towards myopia” and stuff like that.

Juancho showed Squatch some singletrack other than Munson Hills. I don’t think he ever saw Tom Brown Park before. He saw it up close and personal-like on Saturday. Yesterday he (Juancho) was up before dawn like an invading army waiting for the call. Juancho received a “text message” the night before about a ride leaving from Joe’s at 9:00 A:M, but since Juancho is not a Hannah Montana watching tweenie, he was unable to respond to people who type with their phones. If he had his way he would be calling this report in on a rotary phone the size of your grandma’s credenza.

All the same, Bigworm and gang were spotted on the west loop of Lake Overstreet, but they must have taken a wrong turn or gotten away or something because Juancho never saw them again.


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  1. I know, I know!! I always make fun of my wife for her constant texting. I’m sure Alexander Graham Bell is rolling over in his grave. All that work to allow people to talk to one another over great distances and we regress to just beyond morse code. That said, I have found that trying to call 12 people to let them know the ride plans, sucks! It takes a substantial chunk of time to call all of those cretins. In that situation, the text thing is convenient. I can mass blast the text to everyone at once. I can even, with little extra effort, add a couple of people who likely won’t show anyway. I won’t name names, just their initials, Juancho Grande and Mystery the Cupcake Grower!

    Btw, wth is a Hannah Montana??

  2. texting sounds a lot sexier when you use a term like “mass blast”.

    As for the “leave a critter to its own notions and it will do what a critter was intentionally meant to do” philosophy, isn’t that another way of saying that whatever you do is what you were meant to do? Doesn’t that cover any possible action at any possible time? Because if it does, that’s brilliant, but it’s hardly spouse-proof. Not that you care; I’m just wondering how to gussie that one up a bit so I can use it.

  3. I didn’t see none of yuse guys on my ride yesterday. But I don’t often see people when I ride because my ride windows are short and spontaneous and… have you heard about the lonesome loser? He’s a loser but he keeps on trying.

    And I did not see yuse because I was toodling along the north shore of Upper Lake Lafayette and like me, you rarely make it to that corner of the basin, ain’t that right?

  4. We get there now and again when we’re trying to ride “everything in the east”. I got your post on it, so we will address it.

  5. Oh Juancho. Again- I care nothing about bike riding and yet I’m about to go change my current novel-in-progress to the third person.
    Damn you!