Munson Update- boring fyi.

Fine. So the improvements to the trail sound pretty good. I can admit there is no story here, no smoking gun. Get your pre-improvement time trials recorded so we can have a nice basis for comparison after the project is completed. I’m thinking some of you fast bastards will be turning 25-30 minute laps on old grandma munson. If you are already doing that, I appreciate you keeping it to yourself.

Good luck installing the puppet government to handle the local club angle, after the hoopla surrounding that ridiculous process I know better myself.

I’m surprised there was no mention of the death-defying approach to the parking lot where you have to merge at speed then brake hard to make the hairpin turn into heavy pedestrian traffic, not a good situation. I preferred the old parking lot approach, of course. What can I say, I’m nostalgic.

No rides for me this weekend, unless I can count the Cruiser. I have more air travel to strange places this week so I wouldn’t get my hopes up for a positive, inspirational message coming out of the BRC. I predict a more typical, uninspired hatefest of minutiae.


8 Responses to Munson Update- boring fyi.

  1. Armoring the trail is the next best thing to paving it, so I’m a happy camper. This was the best kind of meeting, because we really don’t have to do a damn thing but sit and wait for trail improvements we’ll be enjoying the hell out of next summer. If the improvements live up to the hype, I think it means Munson will cease to be a “ride after rain” trail, and simply be hard and fast all the time. That’s crazy, right?

    The SORBA dude came off whiny, though he’s nice enough. He’s tired of our bullshit around here, fair enough, so why keep trying? Each trail system needs its own, independent crew of improvement maintainers, with no central leadership other than the paid dudes like Jim and Chuck. I’m envisioning Northside, Eastside, Cadillac (Parkside?), and Southside crews, each with their own trail they take pride in maintaining. With a big enough crew, and no hurricanes, three big workdays a year should keep each trail system tight enough, right?

    Should be easy for the Southside crew now that there’s no more decisions to fight over. The money will build it and armor it and route it according to the IMBA bible (3rd edition), and if we like it well enough, we’ll work to keep it nice.

  2. And I love that quick merge and turn at the parking lot entrance. I push it hard, slam on the brakes, and wait for the paychecks to roll in through my rear, er, bumper.

  3. I wasn’t the only one that noticed that all the folks at the ride that morning were not at the “party” and none of the party people were at the ride…The female trail designer said to me “apparently, none of these guys ride Munson or Twilight.” I said, Yes, I thought it was a little strange that the “party” was held here.

  4. Cobra Kai HQ? That’s great! I would have called it the RNC HQ but I’m sure you have your reasons….do tell? And would you mind enlightening us on how the dysfunction started? And do you think that even JC could run this chapter?

  5. I (good-naturedly) refer to that shop as Cobra Kai in reference to the extremely disciplined martial arts school in the movie Karate Kid. They are always riding in a strong force, competitive on road and trail, and in general they control a force of zealous disciples. Unfair? Maybe. Funny? I think so.