Tomorrow is the big meeting to hear how the money will be spent to improve the Munson/Twilight Trail system. Before the meeting there will be a ride rolling out at 8:30 A:M to guarantee everyone has a nice moist chamois before they settle down for sodas and chips. S’quatch says he’s going. Says he wouldn’t miss it for the world. I will rely on on his moderate to right-leaning perspective on the proceedings rather than go myself and risk pulling out the tiny hairlets on my head.

Whatever is to be done will be done and as it is all written somewhere in the good book of prophecy we know how this will go. Plans will be pilloried and pejoratively reviewed here at the BRC. I will ride the hell out of whatever they do, even if they dig a trench in the middle of the trail and fill it full of snapping beetles and buttermilk. See- much less painful to not show up and skip to the end of the story.

There are no decisions to be made as I understand things, that has all been done. We will just be informed of the government’s plans, as in…

“Today we invaded Iraq”, not “How do you feel about invading Iraq?”

“I think not, but I thank you for asking.”

Sounds like a good morning to ride East.


12 Responses to Rendevous

  1. Juancho, I just love to read whatever you write. Bikes? Okay? Politics? Bring it on. Recipes? The more the better. House hunting? I’m with you.
    Sorry. I had a lapse in cynicism. Feel free to delete this.

  2. I’m going even though it will go down just like you said. I want to support all things cycling and be a recognizable face to the folks that put in the effort. Mingo is the BMOC out there and I want him to feel the love. Other than that, I will do a lot of smiling and knodding.

  3. Was it Elvis or James Dean who, when asked, “What are you rebelling against, said, “Whadya got”? Juancho’s got stimulus spending on Munson. Fair enough, but I reel from the comparison of the Iraq invasion to spending 250 large on a bike trail.

  4. What happen to the good cop bad cop scenario?

    I have such a pollyannaish view of the world, it’ll all work out fine. All people have good intentions.

    Ouch someone just _______ me again.

  5. I smiled at the mention of the event and your commentary, thanks. There should be quite a buzz out there tomorrow.

    I do really believe they’ll do good to the trail because it is the Munson Hills Trail and they want to do what is best for the trail. It’ll hurt if I’m wrong.

  6. Armoring the trail is the next best thing to paving it, so I’m a happy camper. This was the best kind of meeting, because we really don’t have to do a damn thing but sit and wait for trail improvements we’ll be enjoying the hell out of next summer. If the improvements live up to the hype, I think it means Munson will cease to be a “ride after rain” trail, and simply be hard and fast all the time. That’s crazy, right?

    The SORBA dude came off whiny, though he’s nice enough. He’s tired of our bullshit around here, fair enough, so why keep trying? Each trail system needs its own, independent crew of improvement maintainers, with no central leadership other than the paid dudes like Jim and Chuck. I’m envisioning Northside, Eastside, Cadillac (Parkside?), and Southside crews, each with their own trail they take pride in maintaining. With a big enough crew, and no hurricanes, three big workdays a year should keep each trail system tight enough, right?

    Should be easy for the Southside crew now that there’s no more decisions to fight over. The money will build it and armor it and route it according to the IMBA bible (3rd edition), and if we like it well enough, we’ll work to keep it nice.