Clydesdale Hall of Fame

(Billie Joe) Armstrong

I know, on a cycling blog in the middle of the Tour de France you might expect a nomination of the man who dominated the race for seven years, but nope, you should know by now that the path to the Clydesdale Hall of Fame is far more byzantine than that. The more I hear from Lance Armstrong, the more certain I am that he is not such an easy guy to be around. He is kind of a whiny celebrity these days, and very stingy with praise or humility for anyone or anything. He’s letting the “Texas” show I’m afraid. Like road riding, He is primarily annoying.

Billie Joe Armstrong, and Green Day, however, are giants among men. Although the album American Idiot is far from new, I have only recently gotten my hands on it. This album is big. Without necessarily saying anything specific, this record says everything about disappointment, loss, and rage in the modern world. It is the album to define the decade, no shit. That is why Billie Joe Armstrong and those other dudes are hereby inducted into the Clydesdale Hall of Fame.


3 Responses to Clydesdale Hall of Fame

  1. musically not their greatest for me but lyrically and socialy feckin cock on! Particuarly in my circle of friends there is an increasing desire to drop this life, rising housing costs, an increasingly consumerist bullshit spend-spend-spend philosophy has got us heading for the hills…. and this album (with others) taps into that

    Fat Lad