Revisionist History

Few things better than a legitimate injury can happen to an under-motivated, excuse-prone, sarcastic “B” rider. I should know, because I have been interviewing them for years. One could say, my entire cycling career, even.

So this weekend, when I will clip in and go for a light- No make that lite spin historians take note:

All references to said injured rider and his capabilities in the future will be preceded by:

After his injury

Also, all future victories large and small must be followed by:

And he was injured!

Some of you folks, and you know who you are:

Mr. “I busted my knee when I was 6.”
Mr. “I had shoulder surgey 14 times”.
Mr. “I crushed my foot in a yacht-racing competition”.
Mr. “I’m deaf in one ear”.
Mr. “I ran over my Trek Fuel once”.

When I recover from something far more serious than those trivialities, patellar tendinitis, I will begin my Mother of All Comebacks with the Shock and Awe to which you shall soon become accustomed!

5 Responses to Revisionist History

  1. Hey, it’s not JUST “deaf in one ear;” it’s also “lost the balance nerve there, too.” And now I’m older than dirt, too (see Sasquatch’s comment) So show some respect when I wimp out on the technical singletrack. Hope the rehab ride goes well.

  2. Dude, Just go ahead and get that Segway. There’s some great sidewalks to “surf up” out at Southwood.
    You’d look so cool keeping up with the be’neoned in-line skaters!!

    And the starbucks is just right there, sweeeeeet mocha latte.