Enjoy the Ride

It’s hard to feel old when you are the proud owner of this beautiful skateboard. Thanks Lopo! Thanks Libbyllama! Thanks Bighorn! I can’t wait to peel a delicate layer of skin from my palms in honor of you.

There are lots of things to ride other than bikes, although bikes are still the best. I rode a canoe yesterday, with S’quatch, down the Wacissa river to Blue Hole. It was late in the day and the spring was cloaked in shadow so the water really looked more like a black hole, ominous and yawning below us. The water was cold and a few brisk strokes across the deep hole was enough to wake you up, get your heart pumping, and the stress just falls away.

A little bit of stress returned when I saw that S’quatch had brought the truck key along with him, loosely floating in the canoe, cleverly hidden in some trash. If you have never learned anything from this blog, learn this now. Secure the key. Better yet, leave it at the truck. Everything was fine and we returned without incident. This time.

Tomorrow I’m looking forward to an all day event at the legendary Bradfordville Blues Club

It is a fundraiser for a local alternative school called the Magnolia School, where they teach the little children well. Maybe you have heard Magnum mention it a couple of times this week? My friends’ band, Mechanical Lincoln, will also be playing so I have lots of overlapping reasons to be there. I like my reasons to overlap whenever possible.

What do you people have going on this weekend?

Maestro- cue the crickets please.


10 Responses to Enjoy the Ride

  1. You can grow up but you don’t have to grow old. Or something like that.
    Glad you’re using your time wisely. Tell Magnum this weekend that I send all my great good hellos his way. I’d be there myself but oh, you know. I don’t do things like that. Mostly.

  2. You don’t think I have a spare key in a magnet case tucked under my truck? You don’t think I have spares for my spare buried in lock boxes all over this town at my favorite haunts?

    All these years, and still you doubt.

  3. This weekend? Taking off my Grandma uniform and flying home to “feels like 130º” and my pool. Exercise beyond that is out the question. If you get tired of moving your body, Juancho, come on down! 😉

  4. P.S. The skateboard is a beauty, no? 🙂 Next photo should be of the underside! Hope you enjoy it without sacrificing tooo much skin.

  5. I’ll be at the downtown market with skillfully cut up goat and lamb parts, then some house cleaning, I love to clean house. Sunday to the Pinhook on bikes! Can you come do some yard work? We have a tree fort you can play in.

  6. Juancho, like you, I bought a house. (I’m just imitating greatness.) We closed Thu., moved in yesterday (Sat.), and I went for my first neighborhood ride today.