Juancho’s Smoked Fish Dip

By request I have been asked to offer a smoked fish dip recipe, and for those not in the know, Juancho can cook better than your moms. I can’t help but notice that fish have been making a very regular appearance in the Big Ring Circus imagery. I’m Not sure what that means. This is Florida. Fish have been an important symbol to humankind for thousands of years. Christian, Pagan, and Secular Humanist alike can appreciate the notion of being fed from the sea.

Especially if you put some cream cheese in there too.

1 lb smoked fish, preferably mullet
1lb cream cheese, preferably not non-fat
1/2 cup of Dukes’ mayonnaise
1/2 cup minced shallots
1/2 tsp white pepper
1 TBLSP Crystal hot sauce (or your favorite)
pinch of salt

capers, extra shallots, chopped parsley.

Whip above ingredients in food processor or by hand with a fork until cheese and fish have become one. No random chucks of either are acceptable. Paste, that’s what you want.

Serve on plate, garnish liberally with capers, coarsely chopped shallots, and chopped parsley.

Oh, cold beer and ice tea.


Serve with Saltines

5 Responses to Juancho’s Smoked Fish Dip

  1. Smoked fish, huh? Is that what you freaks are calling it up in Tally these days? 🙂 Enjoyed the recent 10th Ave fix, I’ll be sure to bring my bike next time so you can get me on the trails and bloody… guess who?

  2. Tamster all the way, was there ever any doubt? Been wanting to comment, just needed the right motivation… hope to look at ya again soon – let’s get drunk and play golf!