Did you see the eclipse last night? I see it as a heavenly turning of the page. No mystery, no cipher to unravel, it was more like a commandment. “Let this night be marked as different from the night before, and all the days that came before this night.”

Or maybe you just think that the Earth came between the Sun and the Moon? There is a possibility you are right.

We get to choose our spiritual totems, our ecclesiastical tchotchkes, and me- I claim the eclipse.


11 Responses to Cambio

  1. I just couldn’t get all worked up about it. “Look, the moon’s disappearing.”
    Then later, “Look, the moon’s coming back.”
    Should I feel guilty?

  2. I give baby girl a free pass, but alas for Ms. Moon. Seeing the arc of the earth pass across the face of the moon, then swallow it up completely and disgorge it again does nothing for you? Juancho, what ARE you going to do with these people?

  3. “ecclesiastical tchotchkes”
    dude, that’s like a $50 phrase.

    It makes me think of a street-corner quickrip tourist trap sales table filled with pot metal miniatures of Lady MTB Liberty, double-decker busses with micro-foosball bike polo on the top deck, newtonian optical prisms, emitting hand painted rainbows, with half-off mark-down stickers covering the tiny wreaked bikes underneath the jaws of hot wheels Hummers. Scratched heaps of walnut shell Giro helments, mice sized. windup tin toy trials courses, missing all their good obstacles.

    And me, plunging around in all pockets, realizing my wallet just got snatched. $50 bucks, gone.

  4. Since he was 7, I’ve had to look up my son’s words in the dictionary or ask Auntie Nan to translate. Makes communication slow. But watching a lunar eclipse? Who needs big words? I thought it was pretty neat! 🙂