Back in the saddle

Thanks S’quatch for getting me out there yesterday, four days off the bike can be an eternity at times. So what have I missed? Is Munson now a parking lot? Did Scotty bring a fish to the race? Was Tallahassee relocated to the equator? It was still Spring when I left last Tuesday.

I’m at a loss here this morning. Folk Fest coming up. Airport stories. Review of Portland. Ride Report. Nothing is blowing my skirt up.

Any Requests?


5 Responses to Back in the saddle

  1. Dear Juancho Childs,

    Do you know a good smoked fish dip recipie? The stuff at Publix has corn syrup in it and a to-go from Barnacle Bills is right pricey.

    Also, with the passing of Poseys, where can I get really good smoked mullet?

    -Junior L

  2. Thanks guys, excellent suggestions. Fish dip recipe? No problem. I’ll post it on the big screen. bikeshort mafia? I’ll have to work on that one.