This ought to shake you up a bit.

I missed the Blessing of the Bikes last month due to work travel but,…

Sunday morning down at the Trailhead at Forest Meadows I went into the clubhouse to get some cold water. A lovely, smiling dark-skinned angel was working behind the counter and we chatted. My brother and I, sweating in our superhero clothes and she, relaxed and beautiful in t-shirt and jeans. We talked about the weather, and the baritone horn, and as we were parting ways she said, “God Bless You”. It caught me off guard, but she was so kind and sincere I answered back, “God bless you too”. It felt right.

On the way home I ran over a laminated card lying in the middle of the highway, I doubled back to grab it. What was it? A commemorative card from the blessing of the bikes.

I know, like whoa! right?


8 Responses to Blessed?

  1. Mixed blessings in today’s news. The politicos are moving to turn part of the Munson Sandhills into the county fairgrounds (as recently predicted here) but some other politicos are going to buy part of the St. Marks River corridor for public land. Juancho? Big Worm?

  2. It might not be so bad. Fairgrounds are better than more apartments. The proposed site is across the street from the flea market, not “on” Munson. Of course I prefer nothing happens, anywhere, ever, again.

  3. Check the Tallahassee Democrat online (or pay 50 cents and get your hands dirty). I’m worried. A fairgrounds takes up a large footprint. Wonder if it will step on any of those trails you guys have been mapping lately.

    Sorry to rain on your epiphany, Juancho. Mighty fine post. Puts me in the mood for a total immersion baptism in Lake Hall.

  4. Hey how ’bout that new “Greenway from here to there”, that Jeb was crowing about? Lets go ride it.

    …digs out the google earth…
    ..scratches bony head…

  5. WE got a fairgrounds right up the road, they want to move it so the old fairgrounds can become crap apartments. All this to make some Atanta developer rich and our quality of life worse-more like paved over Hotlanta.
    She was a robot Juancho, an animatronic tool of the man to bewitch and passify you into believing all is still ok.
    Next time, peer just past her left ear, that’s where the CPU is, unplug it and watch the world crumble.
    OR, I could see you at the county commission meeting? Naw, screw that, CALL BIKEZILLA BACK AND LETS BURN IT ALL!!!!!!
    then we’ll have no shade, hmmm, it’s always so dificult.