Tallahassee invited to dance with Fay?

Look at this. We made the centerline of the cone of doom. Place your bets.

I just hope a hurricane will supply enough rain to tamp down those huge pillows of pine needles raked up on the trails in the forest. I know, I complain about everything.

No complaints about splashing around on the eastside this overcast morning with a soft, steady rain falling. Bushy and I saw hardly a soul out there.


11 Responses to Tallahassee invited to dance with Fay?

  1. Fay had better not get in the way of Juanchito’s and my journey next week.

    Just because you think of all the angles doesn’t mean you’re complaining!

  2. The Pollyannas in the crowd tend to lump those angles that end with dehydration and death in with complaining.

    Juancho is particularly keen on angles ending in disorientation, dehydration, and eventual death. It’s almost like he was a high plains drifter in his last life.

  3. Hey EZ looks like you are from my old hood. P.S.L.. There were only 300 people when we moved there in 68. I think htere are a few more now eh? Plywood the windows bro and kee your head down.

  4. I think tallahasee is more likely to get smacked then here, fay keeps traveling northwest, and yeah there is a few more than 300 people here now.